Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Blues Circus Promo

Take a minute to watch our incredible show.  I decided to keep it raw to show you glimpses of just how good the live music is; how that music interacts with the circus artists; and bits of our story.  This is a fabulous hour and and fifteen minute jam packed tale of how it is really only ourselves who are our greatest stumbling blocks.  The story is set in the hard times of the olden railroad days where the Blues was born.  Trains, chain gangs, bars, big tops, crossroads and the devil mix with high caliber circus arts that will entrance you.
All Aboard!

This cast of 7 is one of the most rock solid teams you will ever have a chance to meet.  All of our skills are highly complementary.  We can cover almost everything; from the technicals - lighting, sound and stage management, to the diverse range of performance arts.  This show is super compact and requires no rigging.  It can be adapted to pretty much every event, festival or theater.

Join us for The Blues Circus.  We will no doubt leave a lasting impression upon you.  But don't just take it from us, read a review here:

If you want to see more, check out our hilarious bar scene:

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