Chris Murdoch is a firm believer in magic. Not illusions and hocus pocus, but the magic of human potential. He has been studying the performing arts for over fifteen years, and is continually learning how much more there is to learn. Specializing in contact juggling and fire spinning, Chris draws inspiration from many studies: dance, mime, toss juggling, diabolo (Chinese yoyo), hoop illusions, and many forms of world percussion. He teaches prop manipulation/juggling arts at Western Canada’s oldest circus school, Circus West (formerly Cirkids).
He has created performances for the Avatar Circus Project, The Vancouver Fringe Festival, and for Brian Froud, the designer of the hit movies the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (the world’s first introduction to contact juggling); he has opened for the Sam Roberts Band, De la Soul, Matisyahu, and shared the stage with Australia’s well-loved Ganga Giri, Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin, Lynx and Janover, Tipper, Adham Shaik, and more. He performed on main stage at the Oregon Country Fair, as well as his solo one-hour show, discussing the relevance of circus, music and performance culture to human society.
Chris’ work also extends behind the scenes, as a producer, writer, director, builder and costume designer. In 2007 he co-produced and designed costumes for “the Absurdessey” a hit show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. In 2009, he produced and wrote a series of ghost stories for a Haunted House which included over 30 burlesque, theatre, circus, and musical performers. The house is currently in development for 2010. He also worked with the Dusty flower pot cabaret to build a village, arts installation, and market place called the Village Project: an exploration in breaking the walls of performance, experience and environment.

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