Our Acts

Full Show/Evening
Our half hour show is a concentration of our best acts and a direct look at our passions and directions to the world.  It is a sampling of international culture through music, comedy, story and circus.  This is not your standard juggling show.  This is a show with purpose and intellect.  We will make you laugh and show you amazing tricks, give it to you straight and inspire you..all in a half hour (or more if you need it).

We can customize to fit the theme of your event and create a totally unique package that can span one evening to multiple days by organizing other acts such are arial performers, dancers, acrobats, musicians and more...

For Example, take a look at The Blues Circus:

Need that half hour broken up?  

Individual Acts:

Big ball contact juggling
Contact juggling is still an emerging circus art.  A large crystal ball is manipulated on the hands and body - it seems to dance and float, taking on a life of its own.  Incredibly beautiful to watch.  

Diabolo (Chinese yoyo)
A Big, pumping circus act with dynamic movement and big funky tricks set to jazz.  

Multi-ball contact juggling
Crystal orbs dance around each other and make impossibly beautiful shapes.  

Comedy/clown/character routines
Who doesn't love to laugh and be a part of the show?  Enjoy original audience interaction pieces with exceptional hero moments.  From 15 minute comedy routines to tiny bits that can be slotted into any space that your event requires.

Staffs/poi/Fire juggling/Fire Diabolo
Contact staff, double staff, staff juggling.  Every single way to possibly spin a stick.  With or without fire.  Staff and poi spinning are always a crowd pleaser.  Add fire juggling and the very unique fire diabolo and you have one great fire show!

And we can do even more...

Toss juggling
Toss juggling has been around for hundreds of years...and for good reason.  It is continually being re-invented and people love to watch it.  Our act is a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques in classic both sides of the coin style.

Rhythm unites us!  Jake and Chris are available for accompaniment in a wide variety of styles.  We have both studied a wide range of multi-cultural percussion, and love to light up an event with some rhythm and soul!

Need ambience?  Character oozes out of us.  We delight guests with close-up contact juggling and humorous characters like Tony Saltana.  Our fabulous costumes stand out adding brilliance to your event.  

Workshops/Team Building/Teaching
Chris and Jake are dedicated teachers.  Currently, Chris works at Cirkids, the oldest circus school in western Canada and Jake is getting his teaching degree from the University of Victoria.  We can come to your school, festival or special event to put on super engaging, fun experiences for all ages.  Contact us to design a unique team building event for your company.  

Jake West
Chris Murdoch