Sunday, February 27, 2011

both sides of the coin Has Your Back!

We provide you with a full range of services.  Not only our are performing arts of the highest professional calibre, but we have an absolutely trustworthy network of talented circus artists and musicians (see below).  We can cover everything you need from lighting and costume design, to event creation and polished performances.

The Crossroads

As part of the Victoria Juggling Festival Gala Show, both sides of the coin were able to test out a lot of our new material, especially for the Blues Circus: Meet Me at the Crossroads.  Here is another sample of the unique show that we will be launching this summer.  The interest that we have had already has been amazing.  Book it while we are still in your backyard.


This is our very good friend Allison Collins, aka, Alley'Oop.  She is one of the incredibly talented artists we work with to bring you amazing shows.  This is just a small sample of her work.  The musicians are Buckman Coe (who you already know) and Graham Ellsworth, an insanely talented jazz/funk drummer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gala Show a Smashing Success!

"both sides of the coin" creation, production and execution of the Victoria Juggling Festival's Gala Show was a smashing success.  Including us, there were 15 professional performers that absolutely blew away the full house at the Metro theatre.  The feedback we got was incredible.  It far exceeded our expectations.  Even after an hour and fifty minutes, as we approached the final act, the audience still wanted more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blues Circus - Meet Me at the Crossroads

Please watch this little video of Buckman Coe, the singer songwriter that we are collaborating with to present to you a wonderful original tale told through music, circus, storytelling and comedy.  Nothing like it exists anywhere, so we have to still keep it somewhat under our hats.  It will be ready for the summer season.  We just wanted to give you a little taste.  Book it now while you still can.

We offer you big value for your upcoming spring and summer events.  We, "both sides of the coin" have our own amazing show that is full of circus artistry.  And Bucky has his own incredible show, full of gorgeous, soulful original music.  Check it out:

That is 3 highly polished professional shows right there.  What an incredible deal for you.

And if you have the means, we can add numerous other professional musicians and circus artists to the shows above.  We will rock your world!

Buckman Coe is:

Buckman Coe creates soul-folk music that ignites the flame of love and hope, captivating listeners with a voice smooth and rare as a vintage wine.  Woven by a rich tapestry of influences ranging from Nina Simone to Michael Franti, John Lennon to Jeff Buckley, Buckman takes his audience on a sonic journey through the grace, fragility and celebration of being human. 
Yogi, musician, eco-psychologist and poet, Buckman Coe keeps your head in the clouds and feet on the ground with sweet grooves and irresistible melodies that will have you hooked.