Sunday, June 12, 2011

Traditional Japanese Cuisine and Circus!

Finally, after a long stretch of being incredibly busy, we have a moment to put up a few new posts to keep you updated.  Yoko's Plate Catering has been doing very good.  Recently, we have been doing Japanese cuisine workshops that have been very well received.

Imagine having an old style traditional Japanese cuisine workshop at your next event!  From experience, our guests have had an absolute blast working with Yoko making super healthy, delicious Japanese food from exotic Kyushu.  Not only that, but Yoko is also a calligraphy teacher and we have met with the same success doing these workshops at events.  People love to try their hand at writing Chinese and Japanese characters.  It is an amazing art form that everyone can get involved with.  And once guests realize how difficult it is, they are even more awed by Yoko's skills when she expertly hands them their name in Chinese characters.  This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Further imagine having all of this at your event, and after dinner circus entertainment.  Wow.  Honestly, I have never heard of such a combination.  If you really want to impress your next clients or guests, give us a call immediately.

Check out Yoko's blog for mouth watering dishes:

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