Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Very Peculiar Machine

Along with Ari Lazer and Martin Reisle, I've been working on a kids show called "a Very Peculiar Machine." The show is being prepared for Artstarts, an organization that books educational entertainment into schools around British Colombia.

Our show features Dr. Terwilliger, a scientist who has created a machine that can gather stories right out of the air! The doctor and his engineer plan to create a magnificent museum of stories for people to come and see, but only for a healthy sum. Unfortunately, the machine is having trouble pumping out stories, so they go to the kids for advice (or, maybe just to steal their creativity...)

The show touches on the importance of stories, the power of imagination and the value of collaboration and sharing.


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  1. The ability to tell a story and connect may come from a place of vulnerability rather than strength.