Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photos and Response from the Haunted House!

This year's Haunted House was a smash hit...

"Best Halloween ever!"
"Completely blown away!"
"Top notch Halloween entertainment!"

Chris, in collaboration with Luciterra, photodreamz.net
In the Spirit of last year's event, this was not your average scare-fest. A full hour of tales from different cultures, multimedia entertainment and over 27 performers, this was a sumptuous celebration of Halloween tradition - exploring the darker side of beauty through exceptional performances and the lens of international culture.
Jonel, The Devil in a Red Dress
Alex Danard as Helen Beck

I really love the idea and tradition of Halloween - an evening for us to acknowledge the reality and mystery of death and the unknown. Over the course of history, this has been reinterpreted in many different forms, but now it is mostly a night of sugar, cheap costumes and debauchery. Myriam Steinberg (artistic director of the In the House Festival) and I have committed to providing an evening of entertainment in the spirit of Halloween, with a few contemporary twists.

Over the last two weeks, glowing responses from various bloggers, performers and audience members have poured in. Click below for more pictures and a few reviews.


Hi Myriam and crew,
Thank you guys all for a fabulous evening.
With help from Myriam we had moved our tickets from the 7pm showing to the 10pm showing. I had gone to last year's The Horrific House of Beatrice Stainsbury and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I didn't know what to expect and since I wasn't sure that stuff wasn't going to jump out at me, I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the narrative.   So how do you make this year's have a different identity and feel, while retaining that special something from last year?  I was curious to find out and went to bring more friends out to experience the night that you had in store for us.
I was intrigued that it was at 2495 Wall Street as I had been there for Chasing the Monkey King and was familiar with the layout, and when I saw what you had done with it, I was quite impressed even if we didn't have a long chance to soak it all in.  The "bits and bites" were all very creative and a welcome "treat" before the hell that was about to unfold.  
 Our hosts, Helen Beck was sufficiently creepy in setting us up with what to expect for our evening, as was her mute "pet".  The first Hell with her light up hula hoops was visually entertaining and the bloodletting at the end gruesomely rounded it off.  The video "blackout" room's acoustic terror was really well done, frighteningly so.  The accompanying contortionist, "ouch" and "wow!"  Rosie Delight's zombie burlesque made me think that those were some might unusual pasties and the combination of chocolate and macabre were oddly disturbing.  The rooftop she-devil act was impressive, although I'm guessing cut short due to the rain, which I did appreciate for both our sake and the safety of the performer.  

Back on to the deck and what I have to say is that if I had to choose a hell, you could keep me in this one for eternity.  Luciterra's tribal belly dance were simply stunning.  I do have to ask though, I noticed that Christopher Murdoch was featured on the playbill, but where was he? (Ha! Thanks Pierre...)

So on to the gravedigger's walk and Jed's singing trio.  While I would have preferred no rain, it did add a little something, something to the evening.  I had no idea where we were going till I saw the graveyard park.  And then this unexpected cap to finish the evening, Michael Jackson vs the ninjas was an absolute blast.  I mean the Thriller rendition itself was cool, but as they say, everything is better with ninjas!  With last year's more sombre tone, I didn't expect to be rocking out the night.  Wow.. Thank you.

Yes, you can't compare the two performances of last year's and this year's.  Both were an awesome job with their own merits, that neither one can or should be considered better than the other.

I feel priviliged to have been able to once again partake in experiencing this production and will continue to bring more people to attend future In the House Festival productions.  And hopefully, we'll see what next year's Halloween has in store!

Thanks once again and hats off to you all,

Chris and Luciterra
Myriam/In the House folks,
Just a quick note to say "WOW!"  We were completely blown away by the performance To Hell and Back on Saturday night.  We had absoutely NO idea what to expect.  We were there for the inaugural show early on Saturday evening and it was creepy, spooky, scary, disturbing, mesmerizing and incredible (what amazing talent:  hoops, crystal balls, dancing, contortionist, singing, etc.).  Top notch Hallowe'en entertainment and completely exceeded our expectations.  Thanks - we hope that you'll be able to put your house back together into livable condition shortly!

With best regards,

Elizabeth Leboe and friends

Best Halloween ever! 
;-) Thank you Myriam and Chris for your vision and energy getting the party started.. and to everyone else for bringing the awesome.. humbled and inspired xo

Juliet Valery Vyntage

Naomi, one of the Luciterra witches!
Hi Myriam and Chris,
There is no wall on the facebook page to post 'WOW' comments on, so I`ll gush here instead. Unbelievable, we enjoyed last night sooooo much! You guys did such an awesome job, and exceeded our expectations in every way :) We were blown away, and all four of us loved it! Thank you all so much for all your efforts, and your undaunted attitudes regardless of weather... Ugly as it was, the performers showed not a single sign of discomfort (the devil with whips leaping from the rooftop in high heels in the pouring rain was incredible)... accolades for all involved!

Tyler and group.

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